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Improve efficiency with databases

Using databases makes it easier to understand and handle complex data. Sharing information with others becomes a lot easier. If, for example, data is stored in large excel files with lots of links to different sheets, access to this data can be made much more user friendly and transparent.
My main activities are the design of databases and the development of software programs to achieve simple user access to these databases. I develop small and middle sized database desktop systems that provide an effective and efficient work environment.
Because of many years of experience and the rather simple design of the software, it is possible to offer tailor made software for acceptable prices. Often it is also possible to make customer specific adjustments to earlier developped systems. My approach can be characterized by strong involvement with the whole traject of idea, concept, development and support. Because of my background as former employee of TNO Food and Nutrition Institute, most applications concern support systems for laboratoria, food industry, chemical industry and pharmacie.